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WS 008: Hardships, Photography & Lifestyle With Your Host Milton Lawrence Jr

June 4, 2017

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WS 008: Hardships, Photography & Lifestyle With Your Host Milton Lawrence Jr

June 4, 2017

This final episode of the Wedding Safari podcast can only be categorized as totally – DOPE! To wrap the first season, the team behind the podcast, interviewed Wedding Safari Founder, self taught Internationally-known Lifestyle Wedding Photographer, Director, Business Coach, Father and Speaker, Milton Lawrence Jr.

Not many words can sum up the powerhouse of talent and motivation that defines Milton Lawrence's photography and brand(s).

You don’t want to miss this entertaining 8th episode where Milton speaks very candidly about the why behind The Wedding Safari Podcast, future seasons, and industry secrets. Other subjects touched upon were networking, team building, work-life balance, mentorship and solopreneurship and many more “golden nuggets” you don’t want to miss!

Wedding Safari



Time Stamp:


2:50 How he got started

3:40 Baltimore Night Clubs

4:19 The background

4:41 Self taught

5:17 1st photoshoot -”Uncle Bob”

6:45 Competing with a cell phone

7:17 The transition

8:25 Shooting details

8:53 The “Ah Ha Moment”

9:58 First Mistakes

11:46 Why The Wedding Safari exists

12:20 The Why?

14:08 Take over the World

15:30 Wedding Safari Podcast feedback

18:00 Work-Life Balance

23:44 Networking

28:16 Milton’s secrets

29:12 Healthy attitude

30:49 Inspire young Entrepreneurs

33:56 Key advice

42:41 What piece of advice would you give the Milton from years ago?



Originally from the inner city of Baltimore, MD with West Indian roots from the Island of Trinidad, this soulful CEO can be found “spending time in the gym”  - but not just any ol’ gym and caring for his 3 daughters. (You’ll just have to tune in to understand that real behind putting in work in the gym.)


As a serial entrepreneur working in the digital age, Milton's wedding industry fascination emerged when the worlds of beauty, bridal and technology collided. As a mere “Uncle Bob”, Milton's professional photography career began with a Nikon D80 and $5.00 photos.


As the photography scene changed, recognition increased and his portfolio continued to grow, one of the biggest recurring frustrations that Milton could not silence was the lack of true mentorship within the wedding industry.


Fast forward several years later, Milton is the go-to DMV and International destination wedding photographer, and innovator behind the undeniable growing success that is The Wedding Safari Podcast.   With the end in mind, and through leveraging relationships both in front of and behind the camera, core fundamentals are at the forefront of each interview.




Evident through the enthusiasm heard in his voice throughout the interview, Milton is passionate about the wedding industry and seeks to provide a resource to young entrepreneurs as well as industry professionals looking to break into or already in the industry. Dropping knowledge and grown man-ish banter, if you are looking for no nonsense business advice- this interview is a must hear.


How to Reach:

Social Media: @weddingsafaripodcast




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